CC 2013

Spent the day at Conscious Capitalism 2013 in SF. Fabulous and inspiring time! My 2 biggest take away words: CONSCIOUS PURPOSE

More videos of the day available on – Conscious Capitalism: Heroes of the Business World
Heroes of the business world, John Mackey, co-CEO, Whole Foods Market, co-author, Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, Raj Sisodia, co-Author, Doug Rauch, CEO, Conscious Capitalism, Inc…

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  1. Great subject to laucnh this blog! There were times where people thought of their companies’ as their second homes and thought of a lifetime career with the company. Those days are long gone, and after several fads and trends, we often find ourselves complaining about Generation-Y and disengagement. A firm that engages people beyond money and motivational perks, that becomes more than just a job but a way to serve a higher purpose and were each employee feels a partner of the business, undoubtedly will keep the best employees, were they’re Gen-Y-ers or not. Considering that the people factor is the main differentiator in most businesses today, that sounds to me like a great hard differentiator for such a company!I hope to see many other good posts around here! Thanks.

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