moving sidewalks

ABC Resolution: moving sidewalks

moving sidewalks

June 18 – July 2

What if you needed help and knew where to find it?

Moving…motion…mobile. We are assailed by forces that demand we stay in action, as if constant motion should be our natural state of perpetual bliss. Yet many are dying to slow down or quit this fast paced existence. Should we? Or not, for fear of losing our place in line? Are stop or go our only choices?

Consider moving sidewalks. Moving sidewalks assist intermittently. We are already in motion when we step onto one as they take us from point A to point B. Once there, we step off and can then choose to pause or stop to check our position and reassess the journey, then saunter forward under our own power. This may be to the final destination. Or on to catch the next moving sidewalk, there to carry us further.

resolve to:  glide onward


We are most familiar with moving sidewalks in airports. Designed to ease the long trek to distant terminals, we typically think of them as useful tools get us somewhere faster. The concept of sailing past others simply walking under their own steam is an easy concept to adapt to work. Jump on and jump ahead of the competition.

But consider other options.  Sometimes we get onto moving sidewalks and stop, letting the sidewalk do the work. Thus allowing us to keep moving while we rest or regain energy for the next phase that requires individual effort. A thinking while doing approach. In addition, moving sidewalks afford us the opportunity to seek assists. Receive a temporary boost of help needed by way of a resource not found in an individual or group strength. They enable multi-tasking with a different allocation of physical resources.

We are all pretty comfortable letting ‘things’ be this assist. Moving sidewalks, escalators, elevators, trains, planes and automobiles are examples of our past. Telephones and various forms of mobile technology are our present. But what if we looked to a variety of people for this boost. Sought out our needed something extra with the intent not to fix our problem or as a permanent solutions, but as a temporary assist, human moving sidewalks that help us get to our destination faster or just go on with this leg of the our journey.

The difference is subtle. Today we most often hire other employees or consultants to do work for us. But a moving sidewalk is not a lone entity. A moving sidewalk moves constantly on its own, but without the traveler, it is endless movement with no purpose or value. We must work it. Be actively involved in and necessary, for an outcome to come to fruition or a destination point to be reached. We must actively participate in the process, get on it and ride with it, for a moving sidewalk to be successful. Without our active participation we become just one of those walkers watching the sidewalk move ahead of us. It is our journey, not the sidewalks.

This subtle shift in perspective is what elevates cooperation to collaboration. Relationships employed separately are cooperative, but not collaborative. If you looked at moving sidewalk assists in a non-collaborative way, first of all you wouldn’t be on one. It would run alone, bringing nothing to nowhere. You have to actively step on to engage it. Secondly, if your ride is blithely passive and inattentive, at the end you will fall off and injure yourself, thereby negating all the progress you intended. Moving sidewalk engagements are joint, synergistic and interdependent efforts, working together in a creative and commensal symbiosis. Interactions, that when combined for a short period of time, produce a total result that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, with a lasting effect.

resolve to:  glide together