Connecting Dots #1 and #2

Last Week in Mid October,

Dot #1: Voices were heard against violence in video games and a loud backlash was heard against the people who speak out against this violence

Dot #2: More shootings – in a another school; of another police person; another government attacked

Yes, Dots 1 and 2 are directly connected. There is a cause and effect. We are a society that continues to glorify violence and killing. Killing is good in war. Killing is heroic. Killing is a badge of honor. Killing and violence makes a man out of a boy. Killing and violence wins the game. Killing and violence is fun.

Growing, cultivating, giving life, giving birth is applauded as none of those things. Growing food is only for survival. Growing and sowing is a chore. Growing up is painful. Growing up is necessary evil. Growing up is an obligation. Growing and birthing is women’s work. Growing and birthing is dirty work.

I am reminded of a time years ago I and a man friend went to see the movie Jude. In the film were two graphic scenes, well-crafted to disturb. Afterwards we were discussing the film and I asked which was more disturbing to him. His answer was the scene of one character giving birth. Mine was the depiction of the evisceration of a cow by the women of the house. Lots of blood, gore and placenta in the former.  The death didn’t disturb him. The giving of life did.

There is something wrong with a society that trains its males, from an early, formative age, to think violence, and associated killing, maiming, dismembering, rape and pillaging, whether of a woman, man or animal, is a fun, glorious thing. To pretend that games have no cause and effect is the actions of self-serving predators. We teach our offspring everything else when they are young so they will grow up skilled. Teaching violence and killing at a young makes them skilled at violence and killing.

To win many video games you must be single-minded and immune to the pleas and plight of others and the victims. If you stop for a moment to think, the rigged game wins. Empathy, compassion, thoughtfulness, hesitation, caring and consideration loses these games. We must flip the message. Teach different skills.

Make empathy good in war. Compassion heroic. Thoughtfulness a badge of honor. Hesitation a man out of a boy, and a women out of a girl. Caring win the game. Consideration fun. Know of any games, video or otherwise, that do that? If so, please let me know.

resolve to: change the games