ABC Resolution: zenith

year end renewal
rising moon or rising sun
dare what’s possible

Haiku for a New Year by C.A. Lee


What if the end were just the beginning?

Zenith synonyms: acme, altitude, apex, apogee, best, capstone, crescendo, crest, critical mass, crown, culmination, elevation, eminence, fastigium, finale, finish, high moon, high noon, meridian, peak, pinnacle, punch line, rise, summit, tiptop, topper, ultimate, upsurge, vertex

Zenith antonyms: beginning, commencement, opening, generate, get going, give birth to, go ahead, impel, inaugurate, initiate, instigate, introduce, launch, lay foundation for, lead, make active, motivate, occasion, open, originate, produce, set about, set in motion, start, trigger, undertake

This alphabet for different work is not linear. Rise to the top circle and round again as A to Z is work continuum. A continuous journey with no beginning and no end, just incremental steps of accomplishment, passion and play. So pause and reflect from letter to letter, then continue on again. This time, this New Year, let the alphabet fold in on itself and reorder your travel with random anticipation and surprise as your guides.

This time, perhaps, jump first to turn on light bulbs of new ideas; be inspired to open your mind to jelly beans full of flavors; allow your think system to figure out how to untether your work and build business elasticity, creating new work places based upon the value of risk; utilize query as a moving sidewalk to help rotate your business kaleidoscope and see fractal patterns that are a new iteration of You and your work. If you dare to do and dare to be you, whatever letter you choose will start your adventure anew.  Here’s to your future of different work!

resolve to: go beyond