Why are doves and mobile workers alike?

The year I was without a cat, two doves alit in my atrium, found a hanging plant for a nest and gave birth to these two babies. Doves are interesting birds. They don’t always build their nests from scratch. Rather, they find them wherever convenient and whenever needed, often at a moments notice and just […]

Workshops / Consulting

Catherine Adams Lee Consulting the do work different series The do work different series is drawn from Catherine’s abc’s of different in her book, now expanded in her blog and her extensive experience on the leading edge of different work. Covering real work and life exigencies and experiences, the series is created to help us […]

red ornamentcropped

‘Tis the Season

Some years, I hate the holidays. So this year I’m applying my own advice and looking at my abc’s of different for new options and ideas. Here are some different various approaches I came up with for holiday survival under the words for the letters d, f, g, I and m. different words for holiday […]

Think Outside the Egg

E is for Elasticity What if you could do work as circumstances deemed, not as rules demanded? F is for Fractals What if the answers were already repeating all around you?   “Cage-free, vegetarian fed,” reads the inside of my egg carton. Musing upon these words, my thoughts went to Suzanne Somers. I recently caught […]