ABC Resolution: New•Work•Places

NewWorkPlaces July 2 – July 15 What if work had no place? A coffee shop, cafe, train, plane, automobile, library, park, park bench, under a shade tree, in a hotel, motel, business office, home office, company office, at a distance, in the cloud, connected, distributed, flexible, mobile, local, global, in a satellite space, virtual space […]

Workshops / Consulting

Catherine Adams Lee Consulting the do work different series The do work different series is drawn from Catherine’s abc’s of different in her book, now expanded in her blog and her extensive experience on the leading edge of different work. Covering real work and life exigencies and experiences, the series is created to help us […]

What Working From Home Really Means

CAL: For those of you still skittish about working at home,  Get over it. This is the new economy. Here’s another article to help you grow that possibility.   do work different in NewWorkPlaces™. What Working From Home Really Means | BY Marla Tabaka  “Does your little home office make you feel like a small […]

Work at home Wednesdays?

      Do work different in new work places.  ThredUP‘s co-founder and CEO, James Reinhart talks about a way he uses working in multiple places to his company’s advantage, treating his people like the Golden Eggs they are. The bottom line for him – give your people a place break and they can be more productive. […]