ABC Resolution: open

OPEN July 16 – July 29 What if the tops of  all your boxes had no lids? We build business boxes to keep things in, both literally and figuratively. Boxes consciously designed to keep people, systems and processes completely contained, efficiently repetitive and carefully controlled to produce predetermined and anticipated outcomes. No new processes unless […]


ABC Resolution: query

QUERY What if ‘what if’ mattered? Query, to simply ask questions. Recent human development research states children no longer ask ‘why?’ as early as age six. Unfortunately, most children have been so ignored, disregarded, shot down, shut down and even punished for being their natural, curious selves, they have learned that asking questions is a […]


ABC Resolution: New•Work•Places

NewWorkPlaces July 2 – July 15 What if work had no place? A coffee shop, cafe, train, plane, automobile, library, park, park bench, under a shade tree, in a hotel, motel, business office, home office, company office, at a distance, in the cloud, connected, distributed, flexible, mobile, local, global, in a satellite space, virtual space […]