• I’m an upstart (at every age)
  • I’m a positive disruptor (harness my energy for value-add change)
  • I’m a true creative (I – think outside the box – draw outside the lines – dream in color)
  • I use my brain for active thinking (not dormant storage)
  • I’m a pattern-er and a connector. (Thx Malcolm)
  • I’ve worked on just about every side – independent, entrepreneur, founder, owner, sole proprietor, corporate, small business, non-profit, governmental, external, internal, manager, individual contributor, follower, leader, participant. (That’s why I can go broad across the deep silos.)
  • I always give more than asked or receive. (I’m generous that way)
  • I’m about partnerships. (The next step beyond collaboration)
  • I have experienced opinions and solutions, created by looking with an open mind at things from multiple perspectives. (up, down and anywhere in between)
  • I am elastic and resilient. (See above, boing!)
  • I am unafraid to speak. (Out, up, aloud, out loud)
  • I’m the best listener you’ll ever meet. (I listen with my ears first, then my eyes)
  • I only do relationships and conversations that are more than one-way. (My intent is always to acknowledge, support, build upon, enhance, advance and evolve)
  • I dare to work different, do different and be different. (In order that you, too, can dare to work different, do different and be You)

The short bio, if you must.

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