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What if the book of doing different was the book of You? Book Work


ABC Resolution: eX libris

eX libris

What if the book of different work was the book of You?

Pasted on the inside cover of old books was a bookplate, the ex libris, denoting “from the library of…” Bookplates bore this Latin motto and the owner’s name, accompanied by an image of personal significance. More than a stamp of property, the bookplate implied ownership of the knowledge and wisdom within, proudly representing the act of learning.

We have lost this sense of satisfaction in acquiring knowledge rather than just data. Correspondingly, we have lost this same sense of conscious intent for business. We go after degrees rather than education and jobs and careers rather than fulfilling work. No child dreams of growing up to be an employee. They dream of doing meaningful work that has a sense of purpose, accomplishment and earns a living too.

Meaningful work can be found in any number of places and any number of ways. This work can be done by hand, with machines, tools, indoors, outside, as physical labor and mental exercise. Good personal work can be done for someone or oneself, for profit, non-profit or no profit.

To regain the desire and love for work, start understanding your relationship to work. Make a personal bookplate for your library of work. Design your own eX libris honoring the work you have done and want to do. Then create an image that speaks to you. Put this all together for your unique eX Libris and paste it in the front of all your work books.

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Stop Violence, everyday, everyway

peace_doveThe deaths of the Beth Butler and Butch Baker is, of course, an example of physical violence. Their killing is also an example of workplace violence. Policing was the officers’ work. The Santa Cruz community in which they were shot was their workplace. Theirs’ was dangerous work. As was beautifully pointed out by their family, friends and colleagues, they choose this work not because they liked danger. They were the kind of people who wanted to use their smarts, talents and hearts to help and protect others. Police work helped them enact a first line of defense against those who would assault others, to be peace officers.

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