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What if you could compose the true picture of you? Render You


Microaggression – I finally have a name for a very real and rapidly growing problem. One I have experienced on numerous occassions over the last few years.


Thank you to Columbia University professor of psychology and education Dr. Derald Wing Sue for his work in this area (and the above video). I look forward to reading his book. Also thank you to Gayle Kiser. Director of Communications and Marketing, CUPA-HR,  for her blog post I found that introduced me to the word.

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ABC Resolution: hieroglyphs

hieroglyphs: April 9 -  April 22

What if you could draw the true picture of you?

Hieroglyphs are an ancient writing system that uses pictures and characters to represent thoughts and objects. We still use hieroglyphs today, perhaps more than ever in modern history. From software icons to text messages and smiley faces, pictures and symbols now shorten and deconstruct our language into images that depict words and ideas.

If you had a hieroglyph instead of a name, what would the symbol look like? How would you represent yourself to the world? Would you have one version for family and friends and another for business? Would you draw it with one thin line, or would yours need bold lines and many strokes to fully render your complete character? Once done, would you dare show it to the world, or even one other person? Would you dare to show you to you?

Create your personal hieroglyph. The process may seem difficult at first, but know, when drawn, you will revel in the picture of You.

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