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What if all the answers were already in your head? Release Your Brain


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Think System

What if all the answers were already in our heads?

Remember Professor Harold Hill’s ‘Think System’ from The Music Man? Think about how to play a musical instrument and we can do it. In business and sports, we call this concept envisioning. In life, we call it dreaming. We think, imagine in our mind’s eye the idea, goal, the way. Then we are able to do it. What a wonderful concept.

Sadly, we are often taught not to think new thoughts but to memorize old ones. Take others’ ideas and processes, not as advice, guidelines or jumping off points, but as rules and mandates. We are commanded to unquestioningly obey in our institutions and enticed to blindly buy in and by our corporations. ‘Follow the Leader’ as ‘Simon Says.’ Behaviors learned in childhood games at a young age.

What if, instead of being asked to remember the correct answers for a test, we were given the answers and then asked to puzzle out the questions? This is the real beauty of the Professor’s Think System. Not only are we enjoined to see the vision, but then we are asked to figure out how to fulfill it.

Hill gave the children something more important than music lessons. He gave them the will and confidence to think, try, or as it’s called today, hack it out for themselves. To trust in their own innate abilities and powers of discovery. They didn’t let him, or themselves, down.

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