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What if you found your energy in the people around you? Dip Into the Flow


ABC Resolution: waterwheels


What if you could find what you need in the people around you?

A waterwheel is a device that converts the movement of flowing water into energy. Moving water turns the waterwheel via its paddles. Each dip into the flow scoops up water and drops it onto the next. This action causes the paddle to move until, paddle after paddle, the whole wheel continually turns under its own power.

Gears attached to the water wheel convert this movement into energy to make other things go. Older waterwheels powered such things as flour mills. Newer waterwheels, like giant turbines, generate electrical energy to power just about every machine and tool in our businesses, and lives. Workwheels, like waterwheels, are put in motion by dipping into the flowing waters of a business’ people. Once in motion, the work gears convert people power into energy to make all aspects of the business, from small ideas to big organizational systems, go.

Old waterwheels and workwheels alike were location dependent, situated where free-flowing water was accessible. Today’s workwheels have no such dependency. The energy of people can be found flowing everywhere and accessed anytime and anyplace. The frequency of each dip and the paddle’s size and spacing determines the quantity of energy produced. A variable rate, this is the workwheel’s ROE — Return On Energy. The less often you dip into people’s energy, the slower the conversion of their work into power for growth and innovation. For more power, scoop often and scoop deep.

resolve to: dip into the flow


Kudos to Eliza Barclay of NPR for raising the Girl Scout cookies issue. Except, everyone continues to miss the point. Girl Scouts is about teaching girls, not about selling cookies. Three years ago approached my local cookie table and ask if they had a healthy cookie. The experience so shocked and saddened me, in response, I wrote this story for the book, reprinted for anyone interested in different possibilities for future girls.

Cookies – the story

What if different leaders really led differently?

Last year, 2012, the mothers and daughters were out again in force selling boxes of cookies. I buy cookies faithfully every year and this year was no exception. Neither was the fact that I typically spend the previous months trying to manage my weight. Unfortunately, most, if not all, of the ingredients in these cookies are on the bad-for-me list — processed white flour, check; unrefined white sugar, check; hidden artificial flavor, check. As I like to support what might be budding female entrepreneurs, this year, as I went to purchase the cookies, I thought I’d go and find out if they finally had a cookie I could happily eat. Continue reading

Every Company Needs a Challenger in Chief

sick_girl_who_clip_art_clipart_image2Great article! Everyone in any group, whether big or small, or whether they lead it or not needs to read this article, in full! – CAL

Every Leader Needs a Challenger in Chief – Noreena Hertz – Harvard Business Review.

“We are drawn to those who echo what it is we already believe. We get a dopamine rush when we are presented with confirming data similar to what we get when we eat chocolate or fall in love. On Facebook we defriend those with different political views to our own. On Twitter we follow people just like us.

Yet a vast body of research now points to the import of contemplating diverse, dissenting views. Not just in terms of making us more rounded individuals but in terms of making us smarter decision-makers.

Dissent, it turns out, has a significant value.”



2 Things Happened Last Night

Golden EggsWaterwheels

1st – There was a fire in our neighborhood.
2nd – I came home from the fire around 8:00 pm to find PG&E digging a hole in the yard across the street.

Help helps, even if it’s small, simple, easy … do help.

The Fire: As I was watching the scene, a woman approached and, as she got closer, I could see a cut on her forehead that was still bleeding. She appeared a bit dazed and seemingly unaware of this. These events are always chaotic. I counted around twelve fire trucks and rescue vehicles. Continue reading