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Catherine and her partners, both clients and colleagues, believe we must change the conversation around our work, work relationships and workplaces. We know that change is a constant of the work continuum. Change is always occurring. By the time we start thinking about adjusting to a particular change, another change is happening. Today, we must see change as our fellow playmate in a real-life game of leap frog, each taking their turns, landing one jump ahead of the other.

Where most of us now do our work is located on one side of a bridge, in our comfort zone land. On the other side of that bridge is the land of different. The bridge that crosses between these two lands is the bridge of possibilities. In our comfort zone, we are snugly wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket of familiar and easy. One day, however, our comfort zone may no longer feel comfortable. Then it is time to cross the bridge of possibilities to the land of different. Except waiting until that time is harder and often too late. We believe that time is always now.

Everyone is capable of crossing the bridge of possibilities. Most of us just need a little help clearing away the thick, comfortable blanket of fog surrounding us, shrouding our vision of the entrance. To find it, we must change the conversation around work and life. To that purpose, the blog on this site and related social media, the do work different workshop and consulting series and speaking engagements were created. Designed to be moving sidewalks, assists to clear away the fog and give you the extra umph of power you need to across the bridge.

Once on the other side, we continue to change the conversation, highlighting others who have already forged ahead and helping you to design the land of different to fit the true You. Dare to grow what’s possible in your own work of business & life.

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dare to grow what's possible in business & life