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the do work different series

The do work different series is drawn from Catherine’s abc’s of different in her book, now expanded in her blog and her extensive experience on the leading edge of different work. Covering real work and life exigencies and experiences, the series is created to help us change the conversation around work, work places, work relationships the You@work and daring all to grow what’s possible in business and life.

The dwd series is structurally designed to be moving sidewalks. (the letter ‘m’ in the abc’s). Like moving sidewalks, they provide temporary assists, whenever needed, during your work and life travels. They can be utilized one time to clear away the fog obscuring your way to the bridge of possibilities. Or they can be employed again and again, at your time and choosing, to give you the extra umph of power you need to across the bridge or get on with the next leg of your work and life journeys.

As outlined below, the do work different series is offered in a variety of formats and can be tailored to your individual or group needs. Though the breadth and depth of Catherine and her partnering consultants is very large,  this series is currently focused solely on do work different and changing the conversation around work, in order to help you dare to grow what’s possible in your own work and life.

Consulting and Workshops

Introduction to Do Work Different

The ABC’s of Do Work Different
New business strategies to grow different possibilities, with emphasis on:

  • Creative thinking for success
  • Different business models for continuous and sustainable work and life
  • Growing possibilities for individual and group value

Part 1:  Work Different: Structure competitive new models for business & life
Part 2:  Do Different: Create new visions and strategies for work & You@work
Part 3:  
Dare to Do:  Find help to make work and workplaces work different
Part 4: 
Dare to Be You: Grow possibilities for You and others

Additional Expanded Topics:
  • Personal Creativity and Innovation - Dare to be You (expanded)
  • Using Biomimicry and Fractals for the social reinvention of You and work.
  • NewWorkPlaces (incl. The Home Office Series)
  • Regain Your (6) Senses
  • And More…

The do work different series is available in workshop, speaking and expanded consulting formats. Depending on the topic and audience, they are delivered individually or partnered and can be scaled for individuals, small groups or businesses and large venue audiences.

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dare to grow what's possible in business & life