I’m an upstart (at every age) I’m a positive disruptor (harness my energy for value-add change) I’m a true creative (I – think outside the box – draw outside the lines – dream in color) I use my brain for active thinking (not dormant storage) I’m a pattern-er and a connector. (Thx Malcolm) I’ve worked […]

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‘Tis the Season

Some years, I hate the holidays. So this year I’m applying my own advice and looking at my abc’s of different for new options and ideas. Here are some different various approaches I came up with for holiday survival under the words for the letters d, f, g, I and m. different words for holiday […]

Women Take a Seat

Best way to spend an evening? Share ideas, stories and experiences with a great group of people. Congratulations to close the gap ca and Planned Parenthood Mar Monte for bringing together great women for a great cause – increase the number of progressive women in the California Legislature. Here are some stats I learned last […]

STEM, Women & Pink Elephants

STEM * Padmasree Warrior, Cisco’s Chief Technology Officer, states in her recent article: Women Have The Skills To Stand Out In STEM Fields., Huffington Post. Posted: 06/20/2013 9:24 am   “In the United States and around the world, there are far more technology-oriented jobs than candidates to fill them.” I was first introduced to this […]