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ABC Resolution: value


What if the things you received were the things you really wanted?

Value is your business litmus test. The little strip of paper that changes color, telling you whether what you produce is just for the money or also for the betterment of your customers and compatriots. The good value of your product or service turns your work litmus paper the correct color. This intrinsic worth drives the vision, mission, goals and accomplishments of the business.

The litmus test for value tells you the importance of something other than its price. This test puts quality over quantity, ranks human benefits over human harm and lets you know whether your intentions are good or if you are making money at someone else’ expense. Good-colored value strips add purpose, guide daily decisions toward beneficial and bring principled intent to the organization and its people. Value is a tangible beyond mere money that can be quantified, measured and acted upon.

You need to fix what you do if you can’t find real, true value in the work you produce, whether for the business yourself and, especially, your customers and clients. For real and long-lasting success, make or give something worth the money, something with more than monetary value. If your business litmus paper is the wrong color, it’s time to reassess, re-imagine and redesign. Only good work brings forth the true color of value.

resolve to: add worth

ABC Resolution: New•Work•Places


July 2 – July 15

What if work had no place?

A coffee shop, cafe, train, plane, automobile, library, park, park bench, under a shade tree, in a hotel, motel, business office, home office, company office, at a distance, in the cloud, connected, distributed, flexible, mobile, local, global, in a satellite space, virtual space or outer space — any place you do work is your workplace. NewWorkPlaces are a state of mind.

NewWorkPlaces are more than a site, more than the physical walls that house furniture, equipment and people, more than a collective legal entity or set of company policies and procedures. They are the places where you think, communicate, engage, interact and produce. NewWorkPlaces exist wherever and whenever work is accomplished.

To create NewWorkPlaces, first look around you. Find and tear down the walls of your personal and organizational silos. Unbox yourself and your work, and innovate processes to create new business-as-usual models. Create new programs and skills to support this new way of working. Develop the business infrastructures and support systems, whether physical, mental or virtual, needed to support, advance and enhance the work of today and tomorrow, not yesterday. Work in new ways. Work in new places. Make this ability a business asset and a personal attribute. Work is different, so do work differently.

resolve to: work anyplace


This NewWorkPlaces picture is of the Tully Community Branch Library in San Jose, CA. Many people’s first reaction to this association as a NewWorkPlace is a library is not a workplace. I beg to differ. Your librarians are people who work and this is the place in which they do their work. Other people go there to also do work such as homework, home office work, regular office work, mobile office work and on the road work, et al.

This library is a new library. Like new work places, it provides access to information through the traditional world of the printed book. In addition, it opens up, more than can be contained by its four walls,  the larger world of knowledge through technology. Many libraries have now broadened their access in this manner. What this library goes beyond is embracing a new version of how people interact, not only with the physical entities of books, place and technology, but additionally, and more importantly, with the people inside. Continue reading

moving sidewalks

ABC Resolution: moving sidewalks

moving sidewalks

June 18 – July 2

What if you needed help and knew where to find it?

Moving…motion…mobile. We are assailed by forces that demand we stay in action, as if constant motion should be our natural state of perpetual bliss. Yet many are dying to slow down or quit this fast paced existence. Should we? Or not, for fear of losing our place in line? Are stop or go our only choices?

Consider moving sidewalks. Moving sidewalks assist intermittently. We are already in motion when we step onto one as they take us from point A to point B. Once there, we step off and can then choose to pause or stop to check our position and reassess the journey, then saunter forward under our own power. This may be to the final destination. Or on to catch the next moving sidewalk, there to carry us further.

resolve to:  glide onward


We are most familiar with moving sidewalks in airports. Designed to ease the long trek to distant terminals, we typically think of them as useful tools get us somewhere faster. The concept of sailing past others simply walking under their own steam is an easy concept to adapt to work. Jump on and jump ahead of the competition.

But consider other options.  Continue reading


ABC Resolution: jelly beans

jelly beans

May 7 – May 20
What if you really liked different?

Jelly beans, those sweet little treats, come in all sorts of colors and flavors. On the surface they seem pretty much the same — similar sized outsides, same jelly insides. Upon closer look they aren’t. Jelly beans are, well, different. Some jelly beans are solid coated, some are speckled and some are even misshapen. The real wonderfulness of jelly beans? They don’t all taste alike. Of course, there are the classic flavors like lemon, lime and orange. Then there are jelly beans with flavors like liver, popcorn, rotten egg, ear wax, dirty socks and …

Why put in flavors that someone may not like? Because, no matter what they look like on the outside or what they taste like on the inside, someone will like them. The more variety, the wider appeal. The wider the appeal, the more new flavor ideas are invented and consumed. Their intrinsic and inherent diversity is deliciously valuable. Treat everyone you work with, everyone you know and everything you do like jelly beans.

 resolve to: enjoy flavor


Why connect our work relationships to a jelly bean analogy? Why not, say, talk about M&Ms®? As employees the latter are no muss, no fuss and always there in readiness (not melted) when you need them. Because the difference in the two candies is a comment on true diversity. The latter candy is all the same, except for a few different colors, on the outside and all the same on the inside. This is homogeneousness, not diversity. Too many companies claim that because they have people of different colors, genders, races, ages, et al, they are diverse. Look deeper into their true culture, however, and you most often find their policies and procedures influence everyone to act, perform and be alike.

Jelly beans value difference and different outcomes. The consequences of all-the-same is a simple equation,  1 + 0 =1,  one input plus zero difference equals one, predetermined solution. As a company, department, team, et al, you need creativity and innovation, a diverse set of ideas and answers to succeed and survive. This won’t come from a group of all-the-same nature. All-the-same may have worked in the past for single-tasked, factory jobs, but even those repetitive jobs now require qualitative thinking, judgment and reasoning. 21st century businesses and work need an inclusive business strategy to succeed.

So, the next time you think about sending that boisterous, opinionated, rotten-egg-tasting jelly bean employee over to HR to be retrained and assimilated, stop and rethink. That person is probably just the flavor you need to attract a new target market or expand an old one; find a way to refine a current process or invent a better one; see work from a different perspective that results in a whole new product and profit line. Toss out that flavor and you wind up tossing out your company’s new possibilities. Keep tossing, so all the employees are the same perfect shape, size and taste, and pretty soon you have a business with as few offerings and solutions as you have varieties of flavors. The fastest way to a flash-in-the-pan, non-sustainable growth and future I know.




Microaggression – I finally have a name for a very real and rapidly growing problem. One I have experienced on numerous occassions over the last few years.


Thank you to Columbia University professor of psychology and education Dr. Derald Wing Sue for his work in this area (and the above video). I look forward to reading his book. Also thank you to Gayle Kiser. Director of Communications and Marketing, CUPA-HR,  for her blog post I found that introduced me to the word.

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2014: 26 ABC Resolutions – accomplish

A is for AccomplishACCOMPLISH: Jan 1  – Jan 14


What if you went to work tomorrow happy to do work?
You can accomplish small or large, slow or fast or any size and speed in between. Because what accomplish looks like is as you see it, not as others see it or see you. Know that accomplish is your natural state of being. You are in control of your accomplish path. Like a trip, you choose, define, book and engage it. Accomplish has no end win or fail. The winning is in each increment of the doing, each step along your way. If you do, you accomplish and you win continually. If you engage in accomplish you will always gain, always move forward, never be stymied or intimidated by fear of failure or success. Employ accomplish and you will always be accomplished.

resolve to: KEEP GOING