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Moving Onward with Infinite Possibilities

Starting the New Year off with a bang, I was responding to a LinkedIn invite and up popped their algorithmic list of possible people I might also know. Perusing the extensive list I saw many people from my old workplace design life and suddenly realized how far away I had traveled from them and it. But the greatest distance between us is a philosophical one.

The point of departure is around what is the best kind of physical work environment. Continue reading


2014: 26 ABC Resolutions – accomplish

A is for AccomplishACCOMPLISH: Jan 1  – Jan 14


What if you went to work tomorrow happy to do work?
You can accomplish small or large, slow or fast or any size and speed in between. Because what accomplish looks like is as you see it, not as others see it or see you. Know that accomplish is your natural state of being. You are in control of your accomplish path. Like a trip, you choose, define, book and engage it. Accomplish has no end win or fail. The winning is in each increment of the doing, each step along your way. If you do, you accomplish and you win continually. If you engage in accomplish you will always gain, always move forward, never be stymied or intimidated by fear of failure or success. Employ accomplish and you will always be accomplished.

resolve to: KEEP GOING

Disruptive Events: Part 3 of 3

D is for DisruptionDISRUPTION

What if you knew how to respond to a work crisis,
no matter how small or big?


Moving forward … ok, easier said then done. Here are ideas to help. In Part 1, I talked about the three steps of acknowledgement around disruptive events. In summary, we need to acknowledgement that:

  1. A disruptive event(s) has happened
  2. Change has already occurred; things will never be the same
  3. The disruptive change event has residual energy that can be harnessed, tapped into, for good outcomes

Let’s look at these three in more depth. Continue reading

The Ketchup Conumdrum – Workplace Style

PluralismP is for Pluralism
What if you cooked up your work
as if it were a tossed salad?

Original Post: May 27, 2011
One size doesn’t fit all. I have said this so many times that I’m even getting tired of hearing it. So I am going to let some else say it – Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm, in his book What the Dog Saw, has an essay entitled “The Ketchup Conundrum”. Buried within this story is a sub-story about Howard Moskowitz, Diet Pepsi and spaghetti sauce.

Howard Moskowitz, now a legend in his industry, is the owner of a food-testing and market-research company. In the seventies, while trying to find the perfect sweetness mix for his client Pepsi’s new Diet version, he noticed all the data from his testing research was wacky. There was no clear winner. As Malcolm writes it, Moskowitz had an epiphany. “They had been asking the wrong question. There was no such thing as the perfect Diet Pepsi. They should have been looking for the perfect Diet Pepsis.” Continue reading