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ABC Resolutions: congruence

Congruence:  January 29 – February 11

What if you went to work tomorrow able to trust?

Say what you mean and do what you say. Set the example. Be the model. Actions speak louder than words. It’s walk the talk, not talk the talk and walk the walk. The latter enable incongruence. Empty words of lip service people notice and read the mal-intentions. They know when you are telling the truth and when you are spinning. A trusted leader delivers more than a surface image or passive environment. Incongruence accomplishes only the sizzle. Congruence is the action that delivers the steak.

 resolve to: dare to be true

Yahoo!’s Telecommuting Ban – The Bottom Line

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What if work had no place?


By now you’ve heard about Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s pronouncement that all telecommuting must stop. I have a list of reasons why this is so wrong-headed. But as the dust settles, the bottom line, the number one reason why Yahoo!, and any hi-tech company, should allow work at a distance is congruence. If they cant’ do it themselves, then they can’t make products for you to do this properly and productively either. It’s walk the talk. It’s do what you say. Most importantly, it’s do and use what you sell.

What are they all really saying to you? Continue reading

Professionalism – Part 1 of 3

C is for Congruence CONGRUENCE
What if you went to work knowing that you could really trust?


Here are the important questions you need to answer. Do you really want a professional project? Do you really want a professional or just someone to control the troops? Do you want someone to take and pass along orders from above or someone who can discern and take the best course of action? Do you want a job that goes according to plan or work that accomplishes the best outcomes? What is professionalism anyway? Continue reading