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ABC Resolution: open


July 16 – July 29

What if the tops of  all your boxes had no lids?

We build business boxes to keep things in, both literally and figuratively. Boxes consciously designed to keep people, systems and processes completely contained, efficiently repetitive and carefully controlled to produce predetermined and anticipated outcomes. No new processes unless fully researched, tested, measured and approved. No new people hired unless fully interviewed, vetted and liked by everyone. Six sides that too often insulate, isolate and ultimately stagnate.

From the Internet to Social Networks to Crowd Sourcing and onward, our new work is different. Connected and creative, this different work requires us to reach outside the box so we can experience different things and develop different thoughts. To think up, found and grow different businesses and accomplish this work with creativity and innovation, we must structure our business boxes in different and lasting ways.  We must open our windows and let in fresh air. Open our doors and keep walls from becoming cages. Open our locks and keep controls from getting out of control. Open our minds and keep cultures from becoming cults. Open our boxes and keep becoming.


ABC Resolutions: Elasticity

elasticity: February 26 – March 11

 What if you worked as circumstances deemed, not as demanded?

Spring high, low or medium. Be agile, flexible and mobile. Elasticity is a different approach to business movement, giving us infinite options. Elasticity lets us choose time and extent and enables us to expand the envelope edges so fully they reach the outer universe. Now elastic, we can stay in space, bounce back down to earth or rebound into orbit. Elasticity gives us the ability to stretch failures into success and contract capricious fantasies into rewarding realities.

resolve to: exercise resilience


Two Different Sochi Lessons

While watching the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, two different concepts came to me.

  1.  The quote attributed Albert Einstein:

    The definition of insanity – Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  2. Comments often expressed by the NBC Olympics commentators and athletes themselves, to paraphrase:

    There is a lot of stuff swirling around the top athletes they need to ignore and block out in order to stay  focused on their own performance.

At first, these two ideas appear contrary to each other. Continue reading