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ABC Resolutions: Elasticity

elasticity: February 26 – March 11

 What if you worked as circumstances deemed, not as demanded?

Spring high, low or medium. Be agile, flexible and mobile. Elasticity is a different approach to business movement, giving us infinite options. Elasticity lets us choose time and extent and enables us to expand the envelope edges so fully they reach the outer universe. Now elastic, we can stay in space, bounce back down to earth or rebound into orbit. Elasticity gives us the ability to stretch failures into success and contract capricious fantasies into rewarding realities.

resolve to: exercise resilience

Professionalism – Part 2 of 3

E is for ElasticityELASTICITY
What if you could do work as circumstances deemed, not as rules demanded?

If you are doing professional work, there will always be differences of opinion. A person may suggest another way for a project to develop for variety of reasons.

  1. The person has experiences which inform the suggested other action as a better or different one
  2. The person sees something amiss and suggests the other action to prevent a bad outcome
  3. The person sees another outcome, different from the expected, as preferred

In all cases the person should be listened to and the difference discussed. Experience is always a good teacher. Bigger or better outcomes than those first planned or expected most often occur from listening to others’ advice and points of view. Intelligence and continuous learning are skills of professionalism. Continue reading

Think Outside the Egg

E is for Elasticity

E is for Elasticity
What if you could do work as circumstances deemed,
not as rules demanded?

F is for FractalsF is for Fractals
What if the answers were already repeating all around you?


“Cage-free, vegetarian fed,” reads the inside of my egg carton. Musing upon these words, my thoughts went to Suzanne Somers. I recently caught her on TV saying she has discovered she is now allergic to eggs. The combination of the carton’s words and her egg allergy made me think. What if she wasn’t allergic to eggs? What if… Continue reading