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Why are doves and mobile workers alike?

The year I was without a cat, two doves alit in my atrium, found a hanging plant for a nest and gave birth to these two babies. Doves are interesting birds. They don’t always build their nests from scratch. Rather, they find them wherever convenient and whenever needed, often at a moments notice and just in the nick of time. These doves were no exception. Upon landing in my plant basket, the eggs where laid the very next day.

Looking at their nesting process as a natural, recognizable pattern, can we reiterate it to do work different? I say we already have. Mobile work can be characterized as similar pattern. People use mobile technology, at a moments notice, wherever and whenever it’s needed, for business and life. The similarity between doves and mobile technology is more than a great example of Fractal patterns. Continue reading


ABC Resolution: fractals

fractals: March 12 – March 25

What is different work patterns were already repeating all around you?

A leaf looks like a branch which looks like a tree. A stone looks like a rock which looks like a mountain. Small to large, zooming in and out, and infinitely repeating, fractals are a complex geometry of shapes recurring over a wide range of scales. Is it no mistake that the World Wide Web is a repeating pattern of a spider web? Will we someday see, at its largest dimension, the pattern of the universe as that self-similar web? Employ the concept of fractals to uncover our next great social system or business innovation. We are surrounded by undetected, natural iterations, easily recognizable once we are aware of their possibility.

resolve to: recognize patterns

Think Outside the Egg

E is for Elasticity

E is for Elasticity
What if you could do work as circumstances deemed,
not as rules demanded?

F is for FractalsF is for Fractals
What if the answers were already repeating all around you?


“Cage-free, vegetarian fed,” reads the inside of my egg carton. Musing upon these words, my thoughts went to Suzanne Somers. I recently caught her on TV saying she has discovered she is now allergic to eggs. The combination of the carton’s words and her egg allergy made me think. What if she wasn’t allergic to eggs? What if… Continue reading