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All The ‘Good News’ Fit to Print

GoodNewsPixWelcome to Good News Monday at Do Work Different!
Starting now
, every Monday I will put a piece of
Good News fit to print [sic:post] about work on this blog!
Let’s tip the balance together and switch the emphasize
to good
, in order to make work different and better!

I tried to find something non-violent to watch on TV the other day. From Newtown, to Boston, to Cleveland to you name it, flipping through the channels I found no respite, but was, instead, completely saturated with man’s violence against man and depressed by inhumanity in what is presented as ‘news’ and ‘entertainment’ these days. From our daily violence and death counts, whether purposeful as in war and murders, or ‘accidental’ as in car crashes, from top rated TV dramas (i.e. CSI, Law and Order, NCIS, Numbers, Criminal Minds, etc.), to the Food Channel’s kitchen coliseum-like battles and other confrontations, you can’t find relief in any genre. Violence violence seem to be our major form of entertainment. Even the lowly cupcake must now go to war. Continue reading

The Ketchup Conumdrum – Workplace Style

PluralismP is for Pluralism
What if you cooked up your work
as if it were a tossed salad?

Original Post: May 27, 2011
One size doesn’t fit all. I have said this so many times that I’m even getting tired of hearing it. So I am going to let some else say it – Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm, in his book What the Dog Saw, has an essay entitled “The Ketchup Conundrum”. Buried within this story is a sub-story about Howard Moskowitz, Diet Pepsi and spaghetti sauce.

Howard Moskowitz, now a legend in his industry, is the owner of a food-testing and market-research company. In the seventies, while trying to find the perfect sweetness mix for his client Pepsi’s new Diet version, he noticed all the data from his testing research was wacky. There was no clear winner. As Malcolm writes it, Moskowitz had an epiphany. “They had been asking the wrong question. There was no such thing as the perfect Diet Pepsi. They should have been looking for the perfect Diet Pepsis.” Continue reading