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Disruptive Events: Part 1 of 3

D is for DisruptionDISRUPTION
What if you knew how to respond to a work crisis,
no matter how small or big?

I didn’t sleep well the other night. Tossing and turning, I was wide awake more than once, my list of concerns looping in my head. Big on the list was the worry that I wouldn’t get up in time for the contractor coming bright and early that morning to remodel my master bathroom. There had been the inevitable start delays and as a result, the project wound up occurring on the heels of, instead of simultaneous with, termite repairs and exterior painting. I had just put the plants and patio furniture back in place the day before.

Add to this, the microwave and the printer, or rather the printer that replaced a month ago the previous printer that stopped working, broke. The time and frustration involved in replacing these is a story for another day, but all added to the not-going-well list. As I dragged myself out of bed on a rainy, fall day, I wondered why I wasn’t happy to be starting the bathroom project I had wanted to do for a long time. Reviewing all of this I realized – I was disruption weary. And the list of disruptive events was still growing. Continue reading