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Kudos to Eliza Barclay of NPR for raising the Girl Scout cookies issue. Except, everyone continues to miss the point. Girl Scouts is about teaching girls, not about selling cookies. Three years ago approached my local cookie table and ask if they had a healthy cookie. The experience so shocked and saddened me, in response, I wrote this story for the book, reprinted for anyone interested in different possibilities for future girls.

Cookies – the story

What if different leaders really led differently?

Last year, 2012, the mothers and daughters were out again in force selling boxes of cookies. I buy cookies faithfully every year and this year was no exception. Neither was the fact that I typically spend the previous months trying to manage my weight. Unfortunately, most, if not all, of the ingredients in these cookies are on the bad-for-me list — processed white flour, check; unrefined white sugar, check; hidden artificial flavor, check. As I like to support what might be budding female entrepreneurs, this year, as I went to purchase the cookies, I thought I’d go and find out if they finally had a cookie I could happily eat. Continue reading

Hugging is GFY (Good For You)

What if the things you received
were the things you really needed?

Recent studies have determined that hugging is good for your health. Hugging is 100% natural, organic, contains no pesticides, preservatives or artificial ingredients, is non-GMO and has no expiration date. Hugging consumes very little energy, has a high ROI and requires no monthly payments, no insurance and no co-pays. Hugging is inflation proof, interest free, non-taxable and non-fattening, has no batteries and is environmentally safe.  Hugging has no shipping and handling fees, is reusable and completely returnable, even after 30 days.

Make hugging your gift for the Holidays and your diet for the New Year!