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ABC Resolution: New•Work•Places


July 2 – July 15

What if work had no place?

A coffee shop, cafe, train, plane, automobile, library, park, park bench, under a shade tree, in a hotel, motel, business office, home office, company office, at a distance, in the cloud, connected, distributed, flexible, mobile, local, global, in a satellite space, virtual space or outer space — any place you do work is your workplace. NewWorkPlaces are a state of mind.

NewWorkPlaces are more than a site, more than the physical walls that house furniture, equipment and people, more than a collective legal entity or set of company policies and procedures. They are the places where you think, communicate, engage, interact and produce. NewWorkPlaces exist wherever and whenever work is accomplished.

To create NewWorkPlaces, first look around you. Find and tear down the walls of your personal and organizational silos. Unbox yourself and your work, and innovate processes to create new business-as-usual models. Create new programs and skills to support this new way of working. Develop the business infrastructures and support systems, whether physical, mental or virtual, needed to support, advance and enhance the work of today and tomorrow, not yesterday. Work in new ways. Work in new places. Make this ability a business asset and a personal attribute. Work is different, so do work differently.

resolve to: work anyplace


This NewWorkPlaces picture is of the Tully Community Branch Library in San Jose, CA. Many people’s first reaction to this association as a NewWorkPlace is a library is not a workplace. I beg to differ. Your librarians are people who work and this is the place in which they do their work. Other people go there to also do work such as homework, home office work, regular office work, mobile office work and on the road work, et al.

This library is a new library. Like new work places, it provides access to information through the traditional world of the printed book. In addition, it opens up, more than can be contained by its four walls,  the larger world of knowledge through technology. Many libraries have now broadened their access in this manner. What this library goes beyond is embracing a new version of how people interact, not only with the physical entities of books, place and technology, but additionally, and more importantly, with the people inside. Continue reading

What Working From Home Really Means

CAL: For those of you still skittish about working at home,  Get over it. This is the new economy. Here’s another article to help you grow that possibility.   do work different in NewWorkPlaces™.

What Working From Home Really Means | Inc.com.
“Does your little home office make you feel like a small fish? Here’s what the big fish think of you. … Does working from home necessarily mean that you can’t compete?

Consider this: Econohomes grossed more than $50 million in revenue last year, and was named the second-fastest growing company in Austin, Texas. That growth was in no small part due to the extent to which Econohomes works with home-based business-owners.” continue reading…


Yahoo!’s Telecommuting Ban – The Bottom Line

Tully LibraryNewWorkPlaces
What if work had no place?


By now you’ve heard about Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s pronouncement that all telecommuting must stop. I have a list of reasons why this is so wrong-headed. But as the dust settles, the bottom line, the number one reason why Yahoo!, and any hi-tech company, should allow work at a distance is congruence. If they cant’ do it themselves, then they can’t make products for you to do this properly and productively either. It’s walk the talk. It’s do what you say. Most importantly, it’s do and use what you sell.

What are they all really saying to you? Continue reading

Work at home Wednesdays?


Do work different in new work places.  ThredUP‘s co-founder and CEO, James Reinhart talks about a way he uses working in multiple places to his company’s advantage, treating his people like the Golden Eggs they are. The bottom line for him – give your people a place break and they can be more productive.

Read the article by Chris Albrecht, Posted on gigaom.com,

“ThredUP co-founder and CEO says prohibiting his employees from coming into work one day a week allows his team to think big picture, and increases productivity. (Just make sure that work from home day isn’t Friday).”