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Connecting Dots #1 and #2

Last Week in Mid October,

Dot #1: Voices were heard against violence in video games and a loud backlash was heard against the people who speak out against this violence

Dot #2: More shootings – in a another school; of another police person; another government attacked

Yes, Dots 1 and 2 are directly connected. There is a cause and effect. We are a society that continues to glorify violence and killing. Killing is good in war. Killing is heroic. Killing is a badge of honor. Killing and violence makes a man out of a boy. Killing and violence wins the game. Killing and violence is fun.

Growing, cultivating, giving life, giving birth is applauded as none of those things. Growing food is only for survival. Growing and sowing is a chore. Growing up is painful. Growing up is necessary evil. Growing up is an obligation. Growing and birthing is women’s work. Growing and birthing is dirty work. Continue reading

All The ‘Good News’ Fit to Print

GoodNewsPixWelcome to Good News Monday at Do Work Different!
Starting now
, every Monday I will put a piece of
Good News fit to print [sic:post] about work on this blog!
Let’s tip the balance together and switch the emphasize
to good
, in order to make work different and better!

I tried to find something non-violent to watch on TV the other day. From Newtown, to Boston, to Cleveland to you name it, flipping through the channels I found no respite, but was, instead, completely saturated with man’s violence against man and depressed by inhumanity in what is presented as ‘news’ and ‘entertainment’ these days. From our daily violence and death counts, whether purposeful as in war and murders, or ‘accidental’ as in car crashes, from top rated TV dramas (i.e. CSI, Law and Order, NCIS, Numbers, Criminal Minds, etc.), to the Food Channel’s kitchen coliseum-like battles and other confrontations, you can’t find relief in any genre. Violence violence seem to be our major form of entertainment. Even the lowly cupcake must now go to war. Continue reading