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Disruptive Events: Part 3 of 3

D is for DisruptionDISRUPTION

What if you knew how to respond to a work crisis,
no matter how small or big?


Moving forward … ok, easier said then done. Here are ideas to help. In Part 1, I talked about the three steps of acknowledgement around disruptive events. In summary, we need to acknowledgement that:

  1. A disruptive event(s) has happened
  2. Change has already occurred; things will never be the same
  3. The disruptive change event has residual energy that can be harnessed, tapped into, for good outcomes

Let’s look at these three in more depth. Continue reading


K is for Kaleidoscope
What if you could break the world into tiny little pieces
and put it back together again?


I was visiting The Getty Center Museum in Los Angeles, touring through the Impressionists section. When museums are busy, people politely form a self-organized approach to viewing the art. Orderly and without instruction, they move around the room in a clock-wise manner, at least for Western audiences. They will pause in front of each painting for a period of time, the length determined, unspoken, by how large the crowd is and what the group intuitively deems as the polite amount of lingering time, before moving on and letting the next person have a turn.             

This day there was a moderate crowd, so people were moving at a fairly slow pace, but not slow enough to be able to stop and really study the art. I usually make a point of seeking out Impressionist works in each museum and, moving along, I was delighted to encounter one of my favorite artists, Claude Monet, and his “The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light”, 1894, see inset. Continue reading