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Help Others Help Others

lifesaverWe get so focused in our busy lives that we forget bad stuff just happens. Well, it happened in Oklahoma. The Good News: The American Red Cross is there, sending you, us, we the people, rushing from across the country into less than ideal situations to help other people. No tax payer money pays for plane fares, food, water and places to sleep for these volunteers. Read their stories.

So if you can’t go, help send others who can.
Send money and help others help others
Learn how to be a volunteer
Prepare yourself

And don’t forget your local chapters. In my area when a smaller disaster hits, say a house fire in the middle of the night, my local Red Cross DAT (Disaster Action Team) members are among the first responders too. If you have no where to go, can’t reach friends or family at 3 a.m., ’cause wouldn’t you know it, this is the one night they turned off the cell phone or their battery died, or you rushed out of the fiery, smokey house so fast you left your phone behind and who remembers phone numbers any more!? Whatever the circumstance, your local American Red Cross chapter is there to help you, for free, except of course, it’s not. They need money too. Find your local chapter and support.


2 Things Happened Last Night

Golden EggsWaterwheels

1st – There was a fire in our neighborhood.
2nd – I came home from the fire around 8:00 pm to find PG&E digging a hole in the yard across the street.

Help helps, even if it’s small, simple, easy … do help.

The Fire: As I was watching the scene, a woman approached and, as she got closer, I could see a cut on her forehead that was still bleeding. She appeared a bit dazed and seemingly unaware of this. These events are always chaotic. I counted around twelve fire trucks and rescue vehicles. Continue reading