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ABC Resolution: light bulbs

light bulbs

June 4 – June 17
What if turning on ideas was as easy as turning on light bulbs?

Popularized in early cartoons, the iconic light bulb above the head has become the universal symbol for an idea. Ideas may be great or not so great. Idea light bulbs emit the powerful glow needed to grow every part of work. They may be large or small, come from you, your fellow employees or business associates. None are insignificant. You may not utilize all the ideas you have or come your way. But if you only see your own light, you will miss the brightness emanating from others.

Some businesses buy light bulbs from outside the company because the light needed must sometimes be found in other places. Some businesses go elsewhere because their internal layers are so thick their own light cannot filter through them, either down from the top or up from above. If you find yourself fumbling in the dark, start turning on the light bulbs of ideas everywhere. Turn on the individual task lights and the personal desk lamps. Turn on the big ceiling lights and unblock the windows. Let the light of all ideas shine brightly. Flip the switch.

 resolve to: grow glow