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ABC Resolution: risk


What if taking chances were well-rewarded and everyone took them?

We risk every day. We risk when we walk out the front door, drive to work, put food and water in our mouths and breathe the air. We risk just being alive. This is what life is – Risk. Risk in in our DNA.

Some risks have good results, some bad. Our modern-day world has evolved complex systems of governance that define bad risk and protect us from harm. Our tax dollars at good work. Yet for all our protections, we can still be at war, drink bad water, buy harmful products and eat chemically poisoned food. We now see our modern world of well-intentioned actions killing us and our planet. Ending the very existence our risk mitigation processes are meant to safe-guard.

We now operate as if all risk is bad and anything to stop risk is good. Fear has hi-jacked our common survival senses. Assessing risk is innate to all entities on the planet. But as humans, we have seemingly ignored the risk imperative. Choosing to eliminate all risk and die a slow death in faux safety — a uniquely human ability. Fear and die. Or risk and live. The choice is ours.

resolve to: Step Out


Risk is a reflexive word. I have seen people Continue reading


ABC Resolutions: biomimicry

biomimicryJan 15 – Jan 28

What if different models were already thriving all around you?

Our next step in human evolution is moving from man-made to the adaptation, reiteration and reapplication of nature-made. In biomimicry, we find new answers and formulas for our current problems and future success. Biomimicry inspires us to study, perceive, model, imitate and replicate the natural arrangement of our existing world and apply it to new situations and solutions for the betterment of all. Nature has already invented it. Just look around you to uncover it.

resolve to: see the bees


15 Wildly Successful People Who Overcame Huge Obstacles

Push15 Wildly Successful People Who Overcame Huge Obstacles To Get There.

The Huffington Post  |  By Posted:  

“You’ve heard it before: “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.” Sometimes you may feel like that’s just a saying, but it is absolutely not. The 15 incredible stories below show how even horrible tragedies and setbacks can be help fuel a drive for success.”

Yup, and you don’t even need to be incredibly successful to succeed. Sometimes the win is just getting out of bed in the morning. But if at first you don’t, try, try again! Thx to my 90-something aunt for the heads up on the above article. Or as my grandmother on the other side of the family said when I asked her how she kept going after all the years, she lived to 98, she said, simply, “I just keep pushing.” – CAL

A is for Accomplish