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Why are doves and mobile workers alike?

The year I was without a cat, two doves alit in my atrium, found a hanging plant for a nest and gave birth to these two babies. Doves are interesting birds. They don’t always build their nests from scratch. Rather, they find them wherever convenient and whenever needed, often at a moments notice and just in the nick of time. These doves were no exception. Upon landing in my plant basket, the eggs where laid the very next day.

Looking at their nesting process as a natural, recognizable pattern, can we reiterate it to do work different? I say we already have. Mobile work can be characterized as similar pattern. People use mobile technology, at a moments notice, wherever and whenever it’s needed, for business and life. The similarity between doves and mobile technology is more than a great example of Fractal patterns. Continue reading

Yahoo!’s Telecommuting Ban – The Bottom Line

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What if work had no place?


By now you’ve heard about Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s pronouncement that all telecommuting must stop. I have a list of reasons why this is so wrong-headed. But as the dust settles, the bottom line, the number one reason why Yahoo!, and any hi-tech company, should allow work at a distance is congruence. If they cant’ do it themselves, then they can’t make products for you to do this properly and productively either. It’s walk the talk. It’s do what you say. Most importantly, it’s do and use what you sell.

What are they all really saying to you? Continue reading