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ABC Resolution: value


What if the things you received were the things you really wanted?

Value is your business litmus test. The little strip of paper that changes color, telling you whether what you produce is just for the money or also for the betterment of your customers and compatriots. The good value of your product or service turns your work litmus paper the correct color. This intrinsic worth drives the vision, mission, goals and accomplishments of the business.

The litmus test for value tells you the importance of something other than its price. This test puts quality over quantity, ranks human benefits over human harm and lets you know whether your intentions are good or if you are making money at someone else’ expense. Good-colored value strips add purpose, guide daily decisions toward beneficial and bring principled intent to the organization and its people. Value is a tangible beyond mere money that can be quantified, measured and acted upon.

You need to fix what you do if you can’t find real, true value in the work you produce, whether for the business yourself and, especially, your customers and clients. For real and long-lasting success, make or give something worth the money, something with more than monetary value. If your business litmus paper is the wrong color, it’s time to reassess, re-imagine and redesign. Only good work brings forth the true color of value.

resolve to: add worth

ABC Resolution: golden eggs

golden eggs

March 26 – April 8
What if your value was truly valued?

There once was a goose that laid Golden Eggs.  A local farmer saw the amazing golden eggs and wanted them.  One day he lured the goose to his farm and caged it up in a magnificent new place.  Food was catered in three times a day and water delivered in bottles.  A team of janitors cleaned the nest that had a treadmill nearby for exercise.  At first the goose seemed happy and laid a golden egg every week, then every two weeks.  Soon, nicely ensconced in its gilded cage with everything handed to it, the goose just stopped laying eggs altogether.

The moral of the story:  Few farmers know what makes a goose happy and productive.  Listen to the goose and let it roam free.  The goose will find what it needs to lay its precious golden eggs.

 resolve to:
believe in the goose


Few employers really know what makes their people tick. One person’s motivation is rarely just like the next person’s. The same often goes for employees. Set on a well-defined path from the day you get your first job, your personal productivity choices are rarely discovered, let alone developed. It’s the old story of you don’t know what you don’t know, or is it?

Somewhere, buried beneath layers of training and inside the borders of those people, place and time boxes is your true self. No matter how comfortable or gilded your workplace may be, you still need to pry open the bars of the glittering cage to get to your core. Freed from conventional constraints and artificial guidelines, you can find what makes you truly happy and productive. Then, like the special goose, you, too, can lay lots of precious golden eggs.

  resolve to:
believe in You

Value Women



Ok gals. What’s going on? Condemning another successful woman, this instance about her book before it’s even published!? What’s the rationalization this time? Oh yeah, she’s ‘uppity.’ Shame on you! Why do women do this!? Unfortunately, I do know. Because too many women are still not emancipated, as in, free from believing, and then using, their own stereotypes against themselves. Here’s how it goes. Continue reading

Hugging is GFY (Good For You)

What if the things you received
were the things you really needed?

Recent studies have determined that hugging is good for your health. Hugging is 100% natural, organic, contains no pesticides, preservatives or artificial ingredients, is non-GMO and has no expiration date. Hugging consumes very little energy, has a high ROI and requires no monthly payments, no insurance and no co-pays. Hugging is inflation proof, interest free, non-taxable and non-fattening, has no batteries and is environmentally safe.  Hugging has no shipping and handling fees, is reusable and completely returnable, even after 30 days.

Make hugging your gift for the Holidays and your diet for the New Year!