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Why Men Are Becoming More Like Women – Oprah.com

Why Men Are Becoming More Like Women – Oprah.com.

An interesting read by Marcus Buckingham on gender wars and who won. ( I’m a great fan of his books: Now, Discover Your Strengths and First, Break All the Rules). But have women really won the war if it’s the same old war with the old male rules and structure of work and society? Men are doing more ‘women’ things and women more ‘men’ things at work and home. Seems these things are the same though. I think we both only win if we create a new, different, people-based world, not work or life, but work-life – a wholly new, integrated reality of human accomplishment. Your thoughts?


5 Chess Lessons

Updated: Jan 07, 2014

It was down to me and a boy in the lunchtime chess tournament, the summer between the 7th and 8th grades. A recent article by BreAnna Fisher in Upstart Biz Journal reminded me of this story. I learned a lot of hard lessons that summer, lessons about being second, in more ways that one, lessons about not fitting in the existing, sanctioned box and, ultimately, lessons about making my own box.

I was the chess champion the previous year, Continue reading

Value Women



Ok gals. What’s going on? Condemning another successful woman, this instance about her book before it’s even published!? What’s the rationalization this time? Oh yeah, she’s ‘uppity.’ Shame on you! Why do women do this!? Unfortunately, I do know. Because too many women are still not emancipated, as in, free from believing, and then using, their own stereotypes against themselves. Here’s how it goes. Continue reading