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ABC Resolution: You


What if doing different meant believing differently in you?

You are a complex entity. You are infinitely capable of doing more than you think and more than anyone else knows. Finding you means shrugging off the limitations put on you by others. Our man-made, artificial environment has disconnected you from your work, your world and yourself. This separation is, by design, meant to keep you humming like a human cog in a great, business machine.

As a machine part, isolation and insulation control you outputs and hinder your ability to tap into your potential. Deep down inside, you are a You, not a Me. Me is inward facing, centered toward self and exclusionary in thought and deed. You is outward facing, inclusive and open for possibility. Understand you are not alone. You are already connected to the universe in ways just being uncovered.

To discover the real You, first un-dull your six senses. Reach out your limbs and brain sensors and feel the energy around you. Start walking a path you never walked before. See different sights. Meet different people. Hear different music. Touch different things. Savor different flavors. Smell different scents. Say different words. Feel different emotions. Think different thoughts.

Bring all of You to work differently – your humanity, passion, intelligence, creativity, emotion, imagination, kindness, potential, value, worth, hopes and dreams.

resolve to: exist in full


TimeBanking was on the National News and Broke our Website

From TimeBanks USA: “On Wednesday, January 15th, Diane Sawyer and ABC News ran a brilliant piece on TimeBanking. The focus was on The Louisville TimeBank, which is located in Diane Sawyer’s hometown. The Louisville TimeBank was celebrating its 2nd anniversary, and we were there for the party along with the film crew.”

Interesting idea, TimeBanking is. What I like most about it is people valuing people. No matter what skill or expertise you have, it is of value to someone and you, in turn, value theirs. What a concept! Try it, you’ll like it all, TimeBanking, valuing others and everyone’s time being of value.