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Publication date: November 2013.
140 pages, 5½ x 8½

$24.95 Full Color paperback
ISBN 978-0-9899579-2-2

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ISBN 978-0-9899579-
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everyone is different From the moment you are born your life will be different from the person born one moment before you and one moment after you. Your work and work life will also be profoundly different, as they will be the sum total of all your unique dreams and experiences.

do work different brings a new perspective to this crazy thing we call work.  Try it. You’ll like, mostly, eventually. Different grows on each person differently.

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More about the book….

We live in a time where the gap between reality and expectations has become a chasm. Bombarded with a deluge of data to be only number one and with second place no longer good enough, we have become increasingly helpless to make different choices. Stuck and stymied, more and more people of all ages, are picking a drugged out, zoned out, opt out existence.

do work different brings a new perspective to this crazy thing we call work. From young adulthood, thru business owner, entrepreneur and high-tech consultant, Catherine shares the many stories and experiences that shaped her ability to make different choices.

Culminating in her new abc’s of different, she offers us numerous options to aspire to work different and dare to grow what’s possible in our everyday work and work lives. Whether we run, own or work for a business, she encourages us to:

  • be part of our own solutions
  • create our own ability to do and be different
  • dare to do by daring to be our true selves.

What if doing DIFFERENT actually did make a difference?


* Why is this book a pdf? Because this book is heavily formatted and contains color graphics and text. The regular ‘ebook’ formatting is not yet advanced enough to publish this type of book. So, like magazines and other writings that are not solely black and white text, this book is a pdf. Each page will show up readable exactly like a ‘book’ page, imagine that!, on any tablet or computer (a little small, but sizable on a smart phone).


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